Tuatha Dea

Wish I’d have gotten more of this, but here’s a quick clip of Tuatha Dea singing part of their Appalachian Burning song. You can watch their official video at the end of this page. It’s beautiful and definitely worth a watch. This was at Last Concert Cafe at Stiletto Fest with Stiletto Radio, June 2017.

Tuatha Dea – Morgan La Fey

Here’s a conversation with Danny Milikin of Tuatha Dea on Tufa Tales and The Fairy Folk of Ireland, Children of the Goddess Danu, Celtic Fae.

Danny Milikin of Tuatha Dea on their newest CD (at the time): Kilts and Corsets.

Danny Mullikin the Green CD that he and other musicians produced which has saved over 10,000 acres of rainforest. You can find out more about it and purchase it at this link: http://www.thegreenalbum.net/

Tuatha Dea- ‘Kilts and Corsets’

Here’s the official video of their Appalachian Burning song. Beautiful and touching.

Stiletto Broadcasting is a Local/Global female fronted radio broadcast from Houston. On brief hiatus since Harvey, we look forward to having them back soon. Meanwhile you can listen to past shows on http://stilettobroadcasting.com/

Here are some photos from Stiletto Fest they hosted last June at Last Concert Cafe.

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