Speakeasy 20s Themed –

Boomtown Brass Band, Singers, Electro Swing +

August 24th. Get your tickets now.

Live Music, Dancers and Dancing, Charleston, Costumes, Jazz, Art, Photography, and more!

Once you walk through the doors you’ll be transported to another time that includes the past and the future. Entrez our holodeck. Speakeasy awaits.

Mekong Underground, 2808 Milam St (next to Khon’s)



* 8pm-11somethingish: 1920’s Speakeasy. Boomtown Brass Band (the premiere early jazz band in Houston) and chantress Danielle Reich will transport you back to 1920s New Orleans and Chicago speakeasies as dancers dance the floor. Followed by local songbird Sarah Melody Perkins and other surprise guests! (The live Music starts at 8pm.)

* 11:30pm-?? 2020’s Speakeasy with Electro Swing and other related songs and dance videos, as the past and future come together for one special night in the present. Dancers, dancing, pretty lights and decorations, contests, plenty of photo ops, and more!

Alternative Houston is also doing a food drive for Houston Food Bank that weekend, so we’ll have bins set up for collections if you have canned goods and such you’d like to bring. I’ll have a link with more info for that soon.


Get your tickets now so you can be sure not to miss it as this is a cozy venue, and this event will likely sell out.

There are currently 3 options for presale tickets.

1. via Eventbrite ($20)
2. via Paypal link for a discount ($14)
3. in person

You can find the ticket links here: Ticket Links and Options

You can also click Going or Interested on the Facebook event page to make sure to get all updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/298184137658030/

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