Adding content to this page soon. Meanwhile, here are some links for you.

** You can also check out This Week in Music to see live music events happening this weekend.

If you’re interested in Open Mics, or if you’re wanting to go sit in and jam somewhere (or check out other musicians who are doing so), you can check the events on the Open Mic page. 

Also, I started doing Local Music Monday to find out about more local musicians and also to help support local music. You can find videos and links of various local bands that followers have recommended on the Local Music Monday page.

 Here are some other links for you to check out local music:

* Cactus Music – local music store with a great selection and a lot of in-store performances as well.

* Houston Rockabilly Beat (Facebook group that posts a lot of local happenings in local music)

(More on the way!)