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We started Local Music Monday back up for locals to share videos and photos of local bands and musicians. We were doing it weekly but participation kind of died down after a few weeks. Many have asked about resuming it, and I am happy to announce we are resuming it Monday, December 3rd, 2018. We’ll try doing it the first Monday of every month. We were previously doing it on Facebook, but we are going to start adding it all on the website monthly as well. Stay tuned!

Here were some of the previous ones (in reverse chronological order). There are many genres on here, so scroll around until you find one you like. You might find something new today:


I’d commented: Thanks for all the posts and feel free to keep them coming! I’m checking them out now (as I encourage all of you to as well, you might find something new you like!). I’m going to go ahead and add links to the individual bands where I can find them in the comments below each one so those who are interested in liking and following any of them can go to their pages! 🙂
(And those who think there is not a good talent pool of local artists in Houston have surely not heard every local musician here. Keep your ears open – you might just hear something you like 😉 #MusicMonday on #AlternativeHouston  We hear new artists every time!

Wendy Steffy Jones posted a link to the facebook page for Shinyribs:

Jose Cano recommended: Alcoda Angel Aura Tony Amaru Alice Yet Virgil Wolfe – that’s anyone with any lyrical content that I can back.

Whitney Andrew posted a video of Funeral Horse of their song Emperor of all Maladies, adding “ I love this band and directed this video.”

Cheetah G Moses recommended Vox Vocis and added this video of their song Wake This Giant:

Cheetah G Moses also posted this video from Sensitizer of their song Obstinate Oppressor:

Jessica Garcia posted link for BLUNT and also posted this video BLUNT Reality Check:

Jaime Pounds posted Feezarelli – local houston artist and added this video of theirs:

Melanie Black added this video of Flying Fish Sailors and their song Flupandemic:

Noe Andreas Molina added this video from The Heights Funk Collective with a heads up that they have a new EP coming soon:

Jessica Garcia added up this video of The Lion of Wall Street – Inmate (filmed and edited by Jessica Garcia and Conrad Mendez):

Melanie Black added this video of Flying Fish Sailors – Wharton UFO

Joel Hoyle added a video from Slow Future “If it Happened to You”

Joel Hoyle added a video of The Wheel Workers – Yodel

Kerry Melanson added a video: Radio Concuss – Kerry Melanson

Jessica Garcia added the video for Beneath Existence

Kevin Nguyen added of Gunrocku – “Shark Week 2010”


David Rozycki posted a video of Wild Moccasins official video “No Muse”

Aaron Nichols posted up this video of Coy – Beachy (Guitar Playthrough):

AUGUST 20th:

Fabius Mx posted up this Rambling Woman video from Britney Doyal Music:

He also posted this video of The Steve Satchel Band “Bleu” Guitar Play Thru:


Laura Gordon Hunter recommended Swimwear Department. I then went and saw them on Saturday at Eureka Heights 2 Year Anniversary Party and they were awesome. I’ll have the videos I took posted soon.  This is the one Laura had posted last week:

David Rozycki recommended The Escatones and included a couple excellent articles he’d written about them for Houston Press.
* The Escatones Say Your Band Could Very Well Suck
* The Escatones Are No Longer Out of Sight, Out of Mind

He also posted this video link of their song I Understand:

Becca Wahl recommended Another Run.

Alice Doskocil posted a Byrd Law video. They play a mixture of rock, a little blues, Americana.

Fabius Mx shared the following:

He also sent the following photos that he took of some local bands:

Texture Yellow ~

East of Eado ~

Ruck Zuck ~

Thanks Fabius Mx for the great photos and thank you everybody for the recommendations!

Let’s keep this going. We want your recommendations and suggestions!

Do you have a local band you’d like to recommend or share with us? Post them this week for Music Monday! https://www.facebook.com/AlternativeHouston/

Listen Local. Support local

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