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December Local Market And Vendors Guide coming soon! And here’s why ~

As some just celebrated Small Business Saturday, I thought I’d point out that if you’re wondering what the largest corporation is, it’s actually Walmart. And of course Amazon is making a global impact as well on the way people shop. Convenient but at what cost to communities and to independent small business owners?

When you shop, consider shopping local and supporting local businesses, and in so doing, supporting our community. There are even some great local farmer’s markets and co-ops that take place regularly year-round! Some even have Free Yoga, Live Music, and Sand Volleyball!

I’ll have a Guide coming up for you soon for December Local Markets and vendors for those of you who wish to shop local and support local.

Also if you want to make sure your market gets listed in the guide, post it in the comments below or message me. Thanks!

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*Edit: Here’s the December guide I put out for Local Markets and Events to Shop Local: . I think I’ll start putting this type of guide out monthly especially as Houston has a lot of interesting local markets and events.

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