Beatnik Night at Jet Lounge 2014

Beatnik Night at Jet Lounge, organized by Megan Gillett, was so much fun! And I’m not just saying that because I was one of the featured poets, although that part was fun too. The other poets and musicians were amazing, and I was honored and happy to be in such good company.

September 17, 2014, here was the original description:
“Beatnik night at Jet Lounge is a featured poet and open mic event dedicated to the performance art of the Beat Generation. The rhythm of the word comes to life as we take the spoken word back to the time when the social revolutionists of the late 40’s through mid 60s came together and spoke their minds and moved their bodies in the coolest lounges.” 

Might add a few more photos when I find the original set, but here are a few I downloaded off facebook.

Nora Reyes, always in our hearts.

Laurie Chandler and Evelyn Alonso

Rickey Dee of the band Ganesha, though doing his poetry at Beatnik night. Alien E playing bongos to rhythmically accompany his words.

Joel Sinesterra of the band Inzurgo. He also plays in the band Disfrutalo.

Joel Sinisterra

JVS Reel