Space City Vintage Store

Space City was a vintage store in Montrose around 2013 and 2014 that was also a gathering place for creatives, and the space housed several interesting events as well. Many artists and musicians and poets graced its doors, and it still lives on in memories and photos.

Whether you hung out there frequently or never saw it but are intrigued and/or just like interesting photos, here are some on this page, as well as links to some of the various events with more photos if you’d like to see them.

Mary Aquanette was hanging out with friends at Space City one night and getting reading to go out to Numbers Nightclub when I snapped this photo of her where she was sitting on the floor, putting on her makeup.

I had to zoom in on this one to see if the pillow Puppet was sewing was the same fabric of the dress Mary was wearing. See the similarity?

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