Record Store Day 2018

Wow, did you know Record Store Day is a worldwide thing? In searching for local happenings, I pulled up fun events for it happening in numerous countries. I had no idea.

What I did know is that it’s pretty big in Houston – and a lot of fun!

I’d put together a guide for it which you can view here. There were live musical performances, discounts, sales, promotions, along with free refreshing refreshments! Coffee, Beer, Donuts, and even Pizza!

If you missed it (or weren’t even aware it occurred, you can still go check out the Record Store Day Guide now to get a better idea of what some of our local records stores are like, and also get a heads up on if you might like to go next year.

I’ll be posting some photos of it soon!

There are also quotes at the end of the guide, but I’ll add them for you here too.

Quotes to inspire and remind us why independent local music stores are still relevant:

“To me, there’s absolutely no better place to discover new music than your local independent record store. There’s nothing like being able to peruse the racks, touch and see the actual artwork, listen to whatever is featured at the listening station, find out about upcoming local shows, or talking to the people working there for recommendations and sharing new discoveries. Also, I’ve found that a good indie record store can actually help create a good local music scene!”
– Alex Brown Church (Sea Wolf)

“Indie record stores are the hub of a town’s musical community. Aside from being wise informants on new releases and keepers of the used cd pool, they also host intimate performances from artists. Where else can young fans go to see their favorite acts live? When on tour we try to play as many indie record stores as we can. These performances are usually the ones fans remember and write us about, young and old alike.”
– Greg Bartens (Film School)

“Record stores are the hippest libraries. In these tired ole days of homogenized entertainment, where so much of the art of our society is culminated, dumbed-down and mass produced, there is a shining jewel in the rise of the indy record stores. Going to a record shop for me is like a little treasure hunt no one can take you on but yourself. It’s fun to look around and see the other shoppers too…totally entrenched in their own adventure, anticipating the reward of heart wrenching, soul filling, joy making music that might just be a bin or a flip away.”
– Elizabeth Cook

“Small record stores are the back bone of the indie music industry. A place where small bands and small labels can get their music into the hands of new listeners without the corporate filtration systems of mass distributors. Without small record stores, my band and label would’ve never become what they are today. I can only hope that the digital age doesn’t cause a mass-extinction of these excellent and resourceful businesses run by music fans, for music fans.”
– Blake/nachtmystium




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