Record Store Day 2018 in Houston!

Saturday, April 21st. Live music. Vinyl. Discounts. Sales. Free Donuts, Coffee, Pizza, Beer. Record Store Day 2018. Where will you be? 

Listen Local. Shop Local. Support Local. Here are our local RSD events:

* Black Dog Records (4900 Bissonnet St) LOCAL Record Store Day Free drinks provided by 11 Below Brewing Company and Katz Coffee. Free Pizza! by Pink’s Pizza. Free LISTEN LOCAL tote bags with every purchase! Destroybution will have a table promoting and selling local Houston vinyl.
In-store performers:
12pm – Adam Bricks
1pm – Arthur Yoria
2pm – Andrea Lisi of Cool Moon
3pm – Darwin’s Finches

* Cactus Music (2110 Portsmouth St) Record Store Day 2018 10am-9pm. Free breakfast from Sugar Land Donut Shop starting at 8am for those early in line. Free beverages throughout the day from Katz Coffee and Saint Arnold Brewing Company!
10am Giant Kitty “Record Store Day 2018” DJ Session
1pm Sergio Trevino “Record Store Day 2018” In-Store Performance
2pm Bayou City Funk “Record Store Day 2018” In-Store Performance
5pm Greg Cote & The Real Life Friends “Record Store Day 2018″Instore
7pm El Lago “Record Store Day 2018” Concert Performance
*Note: The flyer says 3pm for Bayou City Funk, but the time has been changed to 2pm.

* Sound Exchange Houston (1846 Richmond Ave) Stewart from A Fistful of Soul and Hi-Fashion Dub will kick things off at 9am. Vijai will be spinning an old-school hard rock / metal set at 11.

* Sound Revolution (1312 Cypress Creek Pkwy) 8:30am-9pm. Get free promos and a chance to score some rare vinyl presses. Live band but who?

* Vinal Edge Records (239 W 19th St) will open at 9am. The line starts getting serious around 7am, but there will be donuts for those in line. Cool FREE STUFF for the early birds as well. NICE cloth official RSD record bags, etc. Free Boomtown Coffee in the store, or Boomtown is right across the street if you want anything else.
There will also be lots of LP trade-ins and recent buys. Rare audiophile pressings (Mobile Fidelity, Nautilus, half-speed masters, Japanese pressings, Quadraphonics), SEALED 70’s and 80’s records. Gorgeous records still in the shrinkwrap, etc. At NOON a Buy One-Get One Used CD sale begins.


* Heights Vinyl WILL NOT have RSD product this year due to their recent move. They will be having a store wide sale and Karbach Brewing Co. on hand. So if you like and you’re in the neighborhood, stop by anyway to Support your Local Record Store.

* Houston Flying Saucer, 705 Main St, 11am-7pm. Bring in receipts from your record store day purchase for a special discount on Dogfish Head beer and enter to win a Dogfish Head record player. Wax Taps will be selling vinyl and swag.

* Mongoose Versus Cobra, 1011 McGowen St. 4-8pm. Record Store Day Swap-meet. Turntables will be set up for you to spin some vinyl, and there will be space to show off your vinyl record collection for purchase or trade with other like-minded souls. There’s no fee to attend or to set up to sell or swap.

Quotes to inspire and remind us why independent local music stores are still relevant:

“To me, there’s absolutely no better place to discover new music than your local independent record store. There’s nothing like being able to peruse the racks, touch and see the actual artwork, listen to whatever is featured at the listening station, find out about upcoming local shows, or talking to the people working there for recommendations and sharing new discoveries. Also, I’ve found that a good indie record store can actually help create a good local music scene!”
– Alex Brown Church (Sea Wolf)

“Indie record stores are the hub of a town’s musical community. Aside from being wise informants on new releases and keepers of the used cd pool, they also host intimate performances from artists. Where else can young fans go to see their favorite acts live? When on tour we try to play as many indie record stores as we can. These performances are usually the ones fans remember and write us about, young and old alike.”
– Greg Bartens (Film School)

“Record stores are the hippest libraries. In these tired ole days of homogenized entertainment, where so much of the art of our society is culminated, dumbed-down and mass produced, there is a shining jewel in the rise of the indy record stores. Going to a record shop for me is like a little treasure hunt no one can take you on but yourself. It’s fun to look around and see the other shoppers too…totally entrenched in their own adventure, anticipating the reward of heart wrenching, soul filling, joy making music that might just be a bin or a flip away.”
– Elizabeth Cook

“Small record stores are the back bone of the indie music industry. A place where small bands and small labels can get their music into the hands of new listeners without the corporate filtration systems of mass distributors. Without small record stores, my band and label would’ve never become what they are today. I can only hope that the digital age doesn’t cause a mass-extinction of these excellent and resourceful businesses run by music fans, for music fans.”
– Blake/nachtmystium

** Here are some photos we took at Cactus Music on Record Store Day  2018:

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