Music and Musicians

If you’re interested in Open Mics, or if you’re wanting to go sit in and jam somewhere (or check out other musicians who are doing so), you can check the events on the Open Mic page.

Dance to Live Music is a great resource (currently only on Facebook) not only for cool music events (that you can dance to) throughout Houston, but you can also find a LOT of photos and videos of local musicians and bands to get a feel for what their music is like.

Houston Rockabilly Beat is a Facebook group that posts upcoming rockabilly shows and related events in the Houston area interspersed with some local history lore.


For music listings throughout Houston, here’s the Houston Press concert calendar. I have a hard time viewing it because of all the ads flashing everywhere, but if you can, go for it. (Am I the only one who misses print?)

Space City Rock is a website with music listings that has way less ads, much easier to view.

I’m going to add some more photos below that I’ve taken of local musicians maybe this weekend.