Driving for Uber Eats, Favor, or DoorDash

by Alex Hunter

Did you lose your primary source of income with the recent shutdowns? If you are uncertain about your next move and needing a job now, here are three options to look into.

With everyone sitting at home right now, the food delivery industry is booming and you can do quite well!

Option 1: Uber Eats

Uber Eats is my personal favorite delivery app because it’s extremely easy.

You can start and end work any time you want, with no set schedule.

You turn on the app when you want to work and you go offline when you decide you are done.

The orders have already been placed on the app, so all you have to do is pick them up, confirm all items are included (if you can), and notify the customer if there are any delays or other issues. Navigating the platform is simple and straight forward.

While Favor has a pay guarantee, Uber Eats does not. It is occasionally over-saturated with drivers, and since there is no schedule, there is no way to predict when this will occur. (Something I personally noticed though: Uber Eats send more orders if you are actively driving.)

In my experience, getting set up and ready to go was expedient and efficient. There was no formal orientation to attend. The background check cleared within a day, and document approval (registration and insurance verification) took around three days.

If you’re interested in driving for Uber Eats, go here:

Option 2: Favor

The up side to Favor is that if you’re able to get on the schedule, there is a $9/hr guarantee should you have a slow hour or a few bad tippers. The best Favor I personally received was someone who tipped $60 after ordering almost $300 of Italian food. These extra large orders, in my experience, have been less common (or completely nonexistent) on other platforms.

The schedule is released at a set day/time – and you must hurry up and book your hours instantly or there will be none left. Favor drivers who are unable to get on the schedule are able to go “on call” and will be notified via text the moment any of the hours they requested open up. Like Uber Eats, you can also open the app and start driving immediately, but you do not get the hourly guarantee.

Favor encourages you to communicate with the customers throughout the entirety of the delivery. This gives you an opportunity to bond, joke around, and potentially earn better tips. However, the flip side to this is the open line of communication gives some rude customers the opportunity to be extremely rude. Most are not, as long as you don’t go in with too thin of skin.

You can often book an orientation slot on the same day (or next) to officially get going.

To start driving for Favor, apply here: https://apply.favordelivery.com?referral_code=ALEXH564

Option 3: DoorDash

Like Favor, DoorDash has a schedule. Unlike Favor, it’s really easy to get on, and the available options are offered to you when you open the app.

As with Uber Eats, there is no hourly pay guarantee, but you are offered a specific payment assurance for each delivery.

It seems DoorDash is somewhere in between Uber Eats and Favor with regards to required customer communication, scheduling, and flexibility.

There is an orientation, but it is quick and easy; you can usually get your orientation completed within a day or two of signing up.

To become a DoorDash drive apply here: https://drd.sh/G9vcjs/