Coronavirus in Houston and how it is affecting our community

In efforts to limit exposure and spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus ) in Houston, many unprecedented steps have been taken, at least of this magnitude.
So many events in Houston have been canceled through the end of March that it is irrelevant to mention the increasingly growing list at this point. If there is something you were planning on attending, check their website or social media to see if it is still occurring. People are discouraged from attending large events at this time so the likelihood is that it is not.
Schools in Houston and surrounding areas are closed and/or classes are being held online.
Many employees have been told or encouraged to work from home if at all possible. Obviously that does not include those in customer service or the service industry. Many employees who work in offices though, even ones that normally do not permit working from home, are currently doing so. And meetings that would normally take place in person are now being conducted via conference calls and online communication.
Stores have been ransacked, lines are long to get in them, many shelves are bare as supply from trucks that deliver is quickly bought up as soon as it is on the shelf. Not all items but ones currently extremely in demand and quick to go are water, toilet paper, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies, and other popular food items such as meat, eggs, and bread.

This all comes shortly after Houston’s recent water main break in which most of the city was under a boil order for part of 3 days, and bottled water sold out of many stores, leaving shelves empty.

This is a continuing story obviously. We are deep in the midst of something. Specifically what remains to be seen. Interesting times for sure.

I really hadn’t done much with this site other than event related, but I do write such things elsewhere. And I guess it’s time to bring it home and write for Houston as well. More to come!

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