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Fast Food of the Future

Want food fast? Growing it is one way to insure you’ll have food regardless of what stores have (or don’t have) on their shelves. And you’ll simply have to walk a few steps to get it. Once you’ve grown it, that is. Here are some suggestions on what to grow.

In this first video, Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening shows 5 vegetables you can harvest in 30 days or less.

From the comments on youtube page:
“Dude, you’re like a cool older bro who teaches me about houseplants and gardening” 🤣

Here’s a link to the book of his that he recommended at the end of the video:

This next video includes fast growing microgreens and things you can grow inside or outside.

Apocalypse Worthy

What if you were trying to survive only off what you were growing?

In this video , his top three recommends are beans, squash (butternut), and potatoes. He also mentions other crops that would be strong recommends.

In this next video, he challenged himself to eat primarily these items from his garden for a month. These were all urban grown in a fairly small layout.

Here were his top survival crop recommendations:

1. Beans 2. Corn 3. Squash 4. Cabbage 5. Potatoes 6. Kale 7. Sweet Potatoes 8. Lentils 9. Herbs




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