Alternative Houston Virtual Birthday Party with Photos & Disco Ball!


Hey hey hey – it’s our Birthday! ♥

Come Celebrate with us and take a virtual photographic walk down memory lane at some of the great Alternative Houston events we’ve hosted and attended over the past few years.

We WISH we could be celebrating in-person with you, but as we haven’t been able to have any great events this year (along with everybody else), we do want to celebrate and reminisce here with you this week as we take a look back at the past years of Alternative Houston.

Help us keep our website.

Anniversary also means our Website Domain and Hosting that we pay for every year are up for renewal. If we don’t renew it, all our photos and documented memories on there will disappear, and obviously none of us wants that to happen. Especially after you see our Archives List I’m about to post in the comments!

Ways to Help

You can help us keep our website up for another year in a couple of ways.

1. Special Offer on Photos. If Alternative Houston has ever taken a photo of you or your friends, band, art, venue, etc that you really like, you can now have it emailed to you at higher resolution with no tags for ANY DONATION. Come on, that’s a great deal.

2. Anyone can make any donation on our Donate page, and I assure you it will be greatly appreciated. Any photo of your choice that we’ve ever taken, you can currently have emailed to you at higher res and with no tags.

3. We are auctioning off our mirrored glass DISCO BALL to the highest bidder. Ahh the great times it has seen, and yes it is fantastic. Now it can be yours. Photos on the way.

Links and photos on the way!

Come party with us! ♥

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