Alternative Houston Photo Archive

Hello all.

As Alternative Houston has primarily been about creative and art events over the past years and all that went on hold with pandemic pandemonium, AH went into hiatus and has been in limbo.

So many times when publications fold and disappear, all archives and photos disappear with them. Sad but true. We decided we didn’t want to do that to you. Or to Houston.

Thus, we are creating an archive we’d like to keep up if at all possible. An A to Z site index of Life in Houston 2010-2020. We are also open to umbrella-ing in other people’s works and photos also if you would like to be part of this. With full credit and connection to any of your links.

The A-Z archive will be up very shortly.

As the website domain and hosting are both up for annual renewal, we will need to conjure funds to keep it up.

Special Today – Any photo Alternative Houston has ever taken (of you, your art, your band, your venue, or any happening or any place in Houston) is currently available to you in high resolution without tag for any donation.

tldr; any AH photo currently available high resolution without tag for any donation.

If you already know what you want, can get now. Or Site Index will be up soon to easier find.


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