1920s Hair and Makeup (for our Speakeasy Event)

Makeup wasn’t that commonly worn in the period leading up to the 1920s. It became more prevalent in that time.

And obviously, what the stage stars of the time wore was more exaggerated and intense than the typical woman would have worn; however the basic concept seems to have been the same.

Thin brows extended down around the outside of the eyes, circular rouge on the cheeks, and lips extended a little higher and lower in the middle but not drawn all the way to the sides creating sort of a bow effect.

Below are some videos I found interesting so I’m sharing them in case you might like them too.

I’m actually not even that in to makeup, but I found this interesting partly because of the historical infused in too.

These women weren’t just living in a carefree time with no preface. This was following after “The Great War,” so that’s something to keep in mind when viewing flappers and the Roaring Twenties. There were many other factors as well, but that was one of them.

Oh and mascara had just been invented.


This next one is actually pretty good too. She takes her long hair and braids a lot of it and tucks it under; then makes the rest into a cute bouncy bob. It’s longer than a lot of the 20s styles I’ve seen, but it still works.


On this next one, I think she looks better before the transformation, but I still found the video interesting and also their re-creates at the end.


In this next video she differentiates between the makeup that most women wore in contrast to actresses mentioned in the above videos. Here would have been a more typical look of the time:


And I’m not saying you should, but if you must…


I’ll link some other related pages I have in a few, so check back later for those if you’re interested.

Oh and if you still need tickets for Speakeasy, be sure to get them soon because this event will most likely sell out.

There are currently 3 options for presale tickets.

1. via Eventbrite for $20. (Houston Food Bank Discount available.)
2. via Paypal link for a discount ($14)
3. in person

And for more details on the event, see our website page and/or facebook event page.

See you at Speakeasy!

(Below is a more typical look than some of the previous starlett appearances.)



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